Friday, February 3, 2017

3 reasons joining the UNM innovationAcademy will help you find a job!

3 reasons joining the UNM innovationAcademy will help you find a job

1.    Becoming involved in the innovationAcademy (iA) means you will be part of a diverse group of students representing 39 majors, and be exposed to new and exciting ideas! iA integrates programs and learning environments throughout the university to create a critical mass of people with necessary skills and new ideas that will make a significant impact on our economy and community.

2.    You will gain “soft” skills that aren’t typically learned in classroom settings. Things like, communication, self-motivation, and organization. These are the skills employers are looking for! Wherever you work, whether in someone else’s business, a nonprofit, a government agency, or on your own, you need to be good at critical and analytical thinking, solving problems, planning and organizing projects, collaborating, and communicating with people.  Entrepreneurial doesn’t just apply to people who want to start their own companies but actually describes anyone who can successfully organize and manage any project, plan or task with energy, drive, and creativity.

3.    Enlarge your circle of potential employer connections! Not only will you be better at talking to traditional employers at internship and job fairs, you will meet additional employers through iA. We host internship fairs and post open internship positions for local start-ups and other small (but super cool) businesses.

If you want to learn more about getting involved in iA, sign up here:  for our monthly newsletter. We have guest speakers, special events, fairs and networking that will offer you unique opportunities to collaborate with other students and faculty members.

-Don’t worry, it says “Apply” – but you are ONLY signing up for the listserv, you will not actually be added to iA until you begin to follow the iA Scholars steps-

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