Monday, January 23, 2017

5 Quick Tips for the 2017 Spring Internship Fair

Bring multiple copies of your resume.
Make your resume is updated and bring copies to share with recruiters. The recruiter may still request you to apply online, however bringing your resume shows you are prepared. If you are needing some help with resume revision, make an appointment with your Career Services team! For quick resume tips, view our Anderson’s Resume Guide.

Dress appropriately.
First impressions are crucial! Undercover Recruiter shares that 33% of employers know within 90 seconds of whether they will hire a candidate or not.  Professional dress is the required dress at internship and career fairs. For tips and tricks on professional dress, please visit our Anderson Career Services Pinterest page

Prioritize employers.
A list of employers will be provided a few days before the event. Research employers by looking at their websites, mission statements, what industries they work in, etc. After your research, create a list of 3 to 5 employers you would like visit and a secondary list of employers you are also interested in, but may not be your primary target. This allows for you to gain some perspective between the different employers, but also gives you the opportunity to ask deeper questions that you found from your research. 

Practice your 30 second commercial.
Think of your 30 second commercial (sometimes known as an elevator pitch) as the highlights reel to future employers or recruiters. This is when you can share briefly about your background, experiences, and accomplishments to show that you are a perfect fit for their organization. For more information, check out “Developing an Effective 30 second Commercial” by the balance.

Firm Handshake.
Again, first impressions are important. This is the start of your interaction, make sure you are putting your best efforts forward. Check out these key tips to make sure your hand shake is on point

Don’t forget to contact Career Services at 277-3290 for help in polishing your professional materials!

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