Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Registration Tips!

Welcome to Registration Week!

This week is always exciting, as it signals the beginning of another academic year where YOU will be given opportunities, acquire knowledge, and share experiences that will help shape your future. We know it can be stressful though, so the Anderson advisement team shares some of our best tips with you for a smooth registration process.

Matthew Vallejos (A-H for pre-business students)
My name is Matthew and I am an advisor for students with last names A-H with the Anderson School of Management.

Tip for registering: I find that having the University Catalog (http://catalog.unm.edu) open in a separate tab while registering is extremely helpful. The catalog contains information regarding every specific program requirements and also provides course descriptions to give you a better idea of what each course entails. It also lets you know what pre-requisites are required for each and every course.

Gerardo Luna (I-R for pre-business students)
Greetings . . . I am your pre-business advisor if your last name is I-R. I will be graduating this May with an MS in Sports Administration and I look forward to continue assisting students in reaching the professional and educational goals. 

My registration tip for you is to research your courses and instructors and keep track of your own progress.

Tiffini Porter (S-Z for pre-business students)
Hi! I’m Tiffini and I am excited to help you all make the most of your upcoming semester with us at Anderson!

The most important thing I can tell you about registration is to BE PREPARED! Check your holds early, be sure you know what the pre-reqs are and talk to us if you think there may be an issue. Registration week is extremely busy in our office, so by taking care of these things before they cause an issue, you can avoid waiting hours to see an advisor or having to miss out on a class because you didn’t plan ahead. 

We are here to help you – but you have to help yourself too!

Andres Rigg (A-H for admitted BBA students)
I’m Andres! I am here to help advise students whose last names begin with the letters A-H in the alphabet.

My tip for registration is to get excited! Think back on the person you were the first day, of your first semester, of Freshman year. Now look forward and imagine the new skills you will hone, the expertise you will build, and the power that new knowledge will give you at the end of next semester!
On the surface, registration may seem like just another tiresome expedient on the road to a fully awarded-degree.  But, if you take a broader and ultimately more honest view, each semester’s registration is a renewal of your commitment to your future self. You’re becoming an authority on specialized fields of knowledge that most people aren’t privy to. If you get excited about what you’re studying next semester, next semester’s high grades will follow!

Ashley Taylor (I-R for admitted BBA students)
My name is Ashley Taylor and I advise I-R. My office is located in Anderson Advisement Center and my registration tip is to plan ahead. 

Review next semester’s schedule, and plan your class schedule prior to your registration date. Write down the CRNs and have them ready for when you register so you can plug them in and submit.

Florencio Olguin (S-Z for admitted BBA students)
Hi, I’m Florencio – advisor for admitted BBA students with last names S-Z. Welcome to registration for the summer and fall semesters! 

My tip is to be aware of prerequisites for classes specifically related to the Anderson core and your concentration(s). In conjunction with your academic advisor, visit with your faculty concentration advisor. Your academic advisor will keep you on track to graduation, but Anderson’s faculty advisors can help you make a decision on what concentration(s) to pursue based on your professional goals and passions! You can find faculty concentration advisor contact information by visiting each concentration page here: http://bba.mgt.unm.edu/coursework/concentration-information.asp.

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