Monday, March 2, 2015

New Internship Opportunities

Achievement Gallery
Bookkeeper and Receptionist
To Apply: Email

Pathways Intern
To Apply: Email resume to David Castillo

ComboTrip LLC
Communications Intern
To Apply: Visit

UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center
HR Intern
To Apply: Contact Peter Gonzales

Summer Program
To Apply: Lobo Career Connection

Structure Services Group
Social Media Specialist
To Apply: Email resume and cover letter to Rodger Barton
Graduate Development Program
To Apply: Visit Requisition number 1308342

Law & Resource Planning Associates, P.C
Office Assistant
To Apply: Send resume, cover letter, and references to

Moss Adams
Summer Leadership Conference
To Apply: Visit (Student Events)

Internship Position
To Apply: Visit Requisition ID STO000H7H

ETL Position
To Apply: Visit Requisition ID STO000GPV

UNM Foundation
To Apply: Go Here

Goldman Sachs
Corporate Internship
To Apply: Email resume to

Don’t forget you can apply to receive academic credit for your internship! Call 277-3290 to learn more today!

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