Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Job Outlook for the Class of 2014

Greetings from Anderson Career Services!  It is our hope that you are creating summer memories with family and friends, venturing out to try a new cuisine, vacation destination or hobby.  We also anticipate that you are continuing to build your professional network and grow yourself professionally to become the candidate employers want to hire.

This summer I attended our profession conference and received an electronic copy of The Job Outlook for the Class of 2014

This annual report is optimistic about the job market for Class of 2014 grads; overall, they say the job market looks good for 2014 grads. In fact, they expect to hire 7.8 percent more Class of 2014 grads for their U.S. operations than they hired from the Class of 2013. When opportunities at international operations for new grads are factored in, the hiring outlook is even better, with an overall increase in hiring of 12 percent.

This report also addresses the following topics:
  • Who’s in Demand?
  • Who’s Hiring?
  • What Employers Look for in a Job Candidate?
  • What’s Important to Employers?
  • Attributes Employers Look for on a Candidate’s Resume?
  • How to Become a Stand-Out Job Candidate?

If you need assistance with your resume, your LinkedIn profile or help preparing for a job interview, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Kate today.  You can schedule your personal coaching session at 505.277.3290.

Courtesy of the Anderson's Career Services Team.

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