Thursday, June 12, 2014

Anderson Summer Success Tip: Professional Communication Matters


It’s summertime! Many of us have traded pumps for open toed shoes, long sleeves for short sleeves, and with lots of vacation time on the horizon, it can be a much more relaxed time of the year in the office, depending on your industry.

No matter what the season, it’s never a good idea to become complacent or “relaxed” about professional communication. Whether you communicate via email, a quick phone message, or even a text, it’s never appropriate to ignore the rules of grammar and spelling—and yes, even one slip up will be noticed!

As advisors and your academic and professional coaches, we’ve all fielded our fair share of emails starting with an informal salutation (hey, howdy, what’s up), “texting language” (could u please help me with this), and even persistent spelling errors. Some of you may want to protest that we’re not employers, so a mistake or two can’t hurt you in the long run. I would counter that with the argument that our professional brands develop as a result of our habits. If you are committed to professional success in the business world, you must practice these skills at all times, every time you communicate, both online, and in person.

Do we expect you to automatically know all the best practices of professional communication? Of course not! We do expect you to take ownership and identify resources to help you. To get started, here are some great articles. Don’t forget, you also have access to a writing tutor here at Anderson, Brian Hendrickson, who focuses on coaching communication skills just for business students!  You can contact Brian when fall classes begin at

A great article on the basics of business writing skills can be found here:

Tips for crafting the perfect professional email:

More tips on email communication:

Tips and tricks on email etiquette: 

Happy emailing!

Kate Williams, Anderson’s Career Development Facilitator, is available to work one on one with you. Please call 277-3290 to schedule an appointment.

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