Thursday, May 22, 2014

How to Get Valuable Experience & Academic Credit for Your Summer Internship

You’ve landed an internship—congratulations! Did you know that in addition to being a great resume builder, your internship can also help move you toward graduation? It’s true! Both graduate and undergraduate students are invited to apply to receive 3 hours of academic credit for summer internships.

First, some important details. To be eligible for academic credit you MUST:

1)    Be enrolled at Anderson School of Management
2)    Have an internship that relates to your field of study
3)    Complete 160 hours at your internship site during the summer
4)    Schedule and attend an introductory 15-minute session with Kate to go over your internship and the requirements

There are two ways to receive academic credit: concentration credit or free elective. You’ll want to work with our office and your academic advisor to determine which is appropriate for your situation.

What does the internship class entail, exactly? The good news is, you’ll only need to meet with your instructor for one initial meeting and for a final presentation at the end—that’s it! We know you’ll need to spend most of your time at your internship this summer. There are three academic deliverables for everyone to complete, and there’s some additional work (usually an extra paper or presentation, though every concentration is different), if you are approved for concentration credit for your internship. We’ll give you all the details in our personalized meeting once you’ve landed your opportunity!

There are still spots available in MGMT 497/697, but don’t delay! Even though you have until July 1 to register, we anticipate that these classes will fill.

Finally, since this class takes place in the summer, lottery scholarship and other financial aid offered by UNM will not cover the cost of this class. If your internship extends into fall and you are unable to cover the cost, consider applying for fall credit instead! We are not able to provide academic credit retroactively, so you must complete the internship during the semester you are receiving credit.

Make your appointment today—we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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