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Registration Tips & Tricks

Summer and Fall registration is around the corner!   Are you ready?  Your dedicated Anderson advisors have some tips to help you get registered for the courses you need and the times you want.  Here’s some general questions to get you started. 

Have you checked your registration date? 
All students will be able to register for summer courses on Monday, April 21st at 12:00am.  If you have a particular summer course you know you need, you will want to register as close to this date as possible.  Registration for fall courses also start the week of April 21st, and your specific registration date will depend on the number of credits you have completed.  Check your registration date through loboweb, under the student menu select, “Check your registration appointment date.”  This will specifically indicate when you are eligible to register for fall courses. 

Have you checked your holds? 
Holds on your student record may restrict your registration.  You will want to contact the office responsible for adding the hold in order to resolve the issue and remove it – for example, call the bursar’s office for this particular hold.  To find this information, please also look in your student menu in loboweb under “View Holds.” 

Do you know what courses you want to take? 
The concentration checklists provide detailed information about what courses are required to complete the degree.  Bachelor level students should use the suggested schedule on the concentration worksheets as a guide for planning coursework.  While many of these courses can be taken in a different order, it is helpful to get a idea of general course progression at:  Graduate students are encouraged to also review course options to ensure they are meeting degree requirements at:

Do you know what the prerequisites are? 
The registration system is set up to look for prerequisites that will either allow or prevent you from registering for a specific course.  Information about course descriptions and prerequisites can be found in the UNM catalog at:  Use the tool on the left side under course search to select specific courses and view this information. 

What date do you need to pay at least a portion of your tuition?
 You have seen this date before.  In fact, every time you go to register for a course, the screen in loboweb stops you and requests that you accept the student financial responsibility.  Annoying?  Yes.  But also very important since you will get dropped from your courses if a portion of your tuition is not paid before the enrollment cancellation date. 

Need more help with course planning? 
Make arrangements to meet with your advisor early!  Appointments around registration get booked fast, so make sure you call Anderson Advisement at 277-3290 to talk with your advisor in more depth about any remaining questions you have about course planning.  If you have quick questions the week of registration, come see us during Speed Advising for graduate students on Monday, April 21st from 1:00-3:30pm and for BBA students from Monday, April 21st – Thursday, April 24th and again Monday, April 28th & Tuesday, April 29th from 1:00-3:30pm. 

Adding yourself to a waitlist? 
If you are searching the entire schedule in LoboWeb, you will see a “C” in a closed course, but there may still be waitlist options available.  Simply type the CRN into the provided boxes at the bottom of the page.  This will bring the course into your registration screen and you will be able to choose “waitlist” from the dropdown menu if there is a waitlist available.

Are you getting a level restriction error? 
There are a few circumstances in which students receive this error.  In most cases, you will want to contact advisement to either receive an override for a course or complete a level restriction form (see helpful forms).  This form is for 3/2 students, dual degree students, and BBA students who qualify to take up to 2 graduate level courses. 

Now that we have the basics covered – let’s talk specifics.  Here’s a few things to watch out for if you are a BBA student or graduate level student. 

BBA Students:

Did you test out of any pre-requisite courses (English 102, Statistics 145, Math 180, etc.)? 
If so, you may run into registration errors since the UNM system only recognizes exact pre-requisite courses or approved transfer equivalents.  If this applies to you, or if you get an unexpected pre-requisite error, please stop by during speed advising hours or email your advisor to have the override processed so you may register for the courses you need.

Did you receive a C- in a MGMT course that is a pre-requisite for another course?
Anderson accepts a C- for MGMT courses, however, the UNM system does not recognize you have met the pre-requisite requirement.  If this is your situation, email your advisor or stop in during speed advising hours to have the override processed.

Are you getting a “Co-Requisite” error?
This is likely being caused by your attempt to register for a Learning Community course designed for students not yet admitted to Anderson. These courses are typically scheduled with sections in the 600s. You will need to choose a different section as these sections are reserved for those students taking part in the Learning Community.

Are you on ASM probation? 
If you have an “ASM Probation” hold, this means you have not completed one or more pre-admission courses as expected as part of your Provisional Admission to Anderson. This hold cannot be removed until you have satisfactorily completed the course(s). Please let your advisor know when you receive a final grade in the course so the hold can be removed.

Graduate Students:

Are you trying to register for 598?
 If so, you will need to be within 15 credit hours of graduating or you need to be in your graduating semester in order to be eligible to take this course.  This course is restricted to students that meet these criteria.  If you meet these requirements and get an “advisor permission” error when trying to register for the course, please email your advisor and request an override to take the course.  Why does 598 look full?   Since this course is restricted, it does always look full.  Please type the CRN of the course into the registration worksheet in Loboweb in order to register. 

Are you getting an “Advisor Permission” error for other MGMT courses? 
Course sections that begin with 100 or 101 are restricted sections and you will not be able to register for these courses.  Instead, look for open sections that begin with the number 0 – for example, MGMT 506 sec. 001. 

Are you a 3/2 student? 
3-2 students have sections of the core MBA courses reserved specifically for them to make sure they are charged the undergraduate tuition.  These section numbers are 100, 101, and 102.  Because you are trying to register for graduate level courses while still in undergraduate status, you will need a level restriction (formerly called green card) form to register (please see this under forms below).  Please complete the course information and student information on the form and return this to the advisement center for signatures.  Within 48 hours, you will be able to pick up the forms to return to registrar’s office for registration. 

Are you a dual degree student? 
Law and Pharm-D students need to complete a level restriction form to register (please see this under forms below).  Students pursuing dual degrees with other colleges can email override requests to the graduate advisor.  Please specify which course you plan to take, for example, MGMT 506.   

Are you on ASM Probation? 
Graduate students are required to maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA.  If you have this hold on your student record, we will need to see final grades from this semester to determine if the hold can be released. 

Helpful Forms
Level restriction form:

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