Thursday, April 24, 2014

Leveraging Anderson after Graduation


Graduation is just around the corner! We hope that even amidst the stress of completing final projects and cramming for exams that you’re able to take a moment to appreciate your tremendous accomplishment. Whether you’re finishing your bachelor’s or graduate degree here at Anderson, you’ve completed a rigorous program that will equip you with the skills you need to succeed in your chosen path!

As you transition from current student to Anderson alum, here are some perks you can continue to enjoy!

• Free lifetime access to career coaching appointments with our office. Simply schedule by calling
  the front desk at 277-3290. We can even offer remote appointments, email, or over the phone if
  your career path takes you away from Albuquerque!
• Free lifetime access to all our social media sites.
• Free attendance at all ASM Career Services Events.
• Additional resources provided by Anderson Alumni Office!

Above all, remember that as your career path unfolds, there are likely to be twists and turns along the way. These will be easier to navigate with a great network around you, to support, coach, and provide advice along the way. We hope that you’ll keep Anderson Career Services as a part of your network so that we can help you continue to learn, grow, and launch in your career. Here are FOUR ways to always stay connected to Career Services at your alma mater!

• Stay connected with our blog. Students and alumni have access to our job opportunities,
  professional perspectives, and more at  By subscribing to the
  Anderson Career Services blog, you will automatically receive professional development
  information on a weekly basis.
• Stay connected on social media. We have an active presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook,
  and Pinterest to complement our blog content. Simply visit any of our websites to easily
  connect and follow along!
• Stay connected by attending events. Every semester we offer a number of events that are
  designed to serve current students and alumni, including networking events, career fairs,
  preparatory workshops, and more. You won’t miss a thing if you are following us on
  social media and staying connected with our blog!
• Reach out to Anderson Alumni. We’re thrilled to welcome Darrell Garcia to our team
  at Anderson—he’s your go-to for all things alumni!

Congratulations! We are proud of you!

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