Thursday, February 13, 2014

Top 5 Tips from ASM Advisors

1. Get informed!
There are a variety of resources available for students to take ownership of their academic progress.  Advisors communicate important information about deadlines and upcoming events on the weekly listserv announcements and automatic email replies. Some of our other favorite resources include:
2. Don’t wait!
Students who have the most success in planning their academic progress are making appointments with advisors early in the semester.  We encourage students to meet with us throughout the semester so that when registration opens, you have a plan of which courses you will be taking.  Be on the lookout for the summer and fall schedule to be released in early April with registration typically opening for both terms at the end of April.  Also, students planning on doing international or national exchange programs are encouraged to start this process early.  There are a few steps to get transfer courses approved by faculty members, and the sooner we help students navigate this process, the better. 

3. Take charge and connect!
Make the most of your time at Anderson and take the time to go beyond the scope of your academic progress.  The more engaged you can be with other students, faculty members, student organizations, and your own professional development, the more satisfying this experience will be.  You never know where your networking opportunities can lead, whether it is toward a new friendship, opportunities in research with faculty members, or to your dream job.  Put yourself out there and dare to get involved.  

4. Quick questions?  No problem!
Come to Speed Advising every Monday from 1:30-3:30 to get answers to your quick questions about getting holds removed, course overrides, registration errors, waitlist questions and other concerns that take about 5 minutes or less with an advisor.  If you have more in-depth questions or want detailed course planning, you will want to schedule an individual appointment by calling 277-3290 or by talking with the front desk at Anderson Advisement. 

5. Graduate!
If you are about a semester away from graduating, it is time to apply for graduation!  This fast and easy online application asks for the courses you have remaining to graduate.  BBA students will then need to schedule a graduation appointment where we meet as a group to discuss graduation ceremony, signing up for the diploma, and sign a graduation contract detailing your remaining courses.  Graduate level students will receive approvals by faculty members once the graduation application has been reviewed.  Please see the graduation application deadlines below:

BBA Graduation Application Deadlines
     NOV 1 - Spring graduation
     APR 1 - Summer graduation
     JUL 1 - Fall graduation

MBA and MACCT Graduation Application Deadlines
     NOV 1 - Spring graduation
     JUL 1 - Fall graduation

All of the Anderson advisors care about you and your academic progress and goals. We are an engaged and outgoing office with a lot to offer our students. We want to meet you and help you reach your potential. Come see us!

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