Thursday, November 7, 2013

How to use the Library for Interviewing and Career success

During a job interview you may be asked some of the following questions, will you be able to answer them confidently?
  • What is the name of our CEO, and what do you know about her/him?
  • Who are our key competitors?
  • What are the industry trends we need to know about in the next year?
  • Did you read the article about the company yesterday?
  • What do you know about the company that is NOT on our web site?
Yes, you can use Google and Yahoo Finance to find the answers to a couple of these questions, but everyone can do that.  How will you distinguish yourself from other candidates?  Learning about sources and reports will greatly benefit you.  If you invest a little bit of time to learn valuable tools and techniques you will:
  1. Learn more about potential employers, and
  2. Build your business skills and knowledge for your career.
Large/public companies
Did you know you can find company reports and articles on companies and industry trends in Business Source Complete (BSC) from research companies, industry/trade and news publications?  You will find basic and in-depth articles/reports that generally are not free on the open web.  BSC is a fee-based resource UNM students may use with NetID for academic and career research.
Articles: on the general search page of BSC, search a CEO name, company, product, industry, etc.  For example…
                     “Marissa Mayer” and yahoo – (find articles on CEO)
                     “Google Glass”
                      IBM and innovation
                      Fedex and UPS – (find articles on competition/industry)
General company info: on the top header in BSC select Company Information and search a company.  Once on page, you will find many links on left bar, including articles and SWOT.
In-depth Company Report: on the top header in BSC select More>> Company Profiles >> search a company.  The 30-page report will give insight into the company, competitors, and more.
Local businesses
Local news sources write articles on local companies, industries and people.  Use the four resources below to find information on local businesses and businesspeople.
              NM Newspapers: search the ABQ and Las Cruces newspapers
              NM NewsStand: search the Santa Fe newspaper, among others
              ABQ Business First: search for business articles on NM companies, industries, and people.
              ReferenceUSA: find information on local businesses, including sales figures.

Industry/Market Reports
Use IBISWorld for find detailed reports that include trends on hundreds of industries, and
Use Mintel to find quality in-depth market research reports on consumers and consumer products. 

General description of careers
Every year the Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes the Occupational Outlook Handbook.  The handbook provides an overview of hundreds of careers, along with salary information.

After Graduation
Yes, it is true that UNM alumni no longer have access to all these resources, but your PUBLIC LIBRARY has many similar tools at no cost to you.
There are many more resources than the ones listed above.  Contact Todd Quinn for more information.

Todd Quinn is an Assistant Professor and is the Data Librarian for Business & Economics at UNM University Libraries (UL).  He is the UL’s subject librarian for the Anderson School of Management’s students, faculty, and staff.  He has been a librarian for 13 years and grew up in Pittsburgh, PA.
Todd Quinn
Assistant Professor
Data Librarian for Business & Economics
Parish Memorial Library
University of New Mexico

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