Thursday, October 17, 2013

Join A Student Organization

By now, I am sure many of you have been approached about joining a student organization and getting ‘out of the classroom experience’. Maybe some of you are thinking, ‘What’s the point? Why do I want to be ‘out there’? Why do I want to get involved?’ Truth is we want to be involved with you. Yeah, yeah there’s give and take in every relationship, but that’s what this whole get involved thing is all about, relationship – being connected.

Did you know that by joining a Student Organization you dramatically increase your likelihood of graduating?
Say what? I am not saying that one particular student organization is for everyone, however with UNM’s and ASM’s selection, there should be no problem finding a group that shares your interests and goals. Just take a look at the list at the bottom of this page!

What’s in a Student Organization for me?
The most important aspect of choosing which student organization to join is whether or not their goals and initiatives fit with your own personal goals. All too often, people join student organizations just to add it to their resume then, end up hating their experience or neglecting to participate. Take some time to check it out. Go to some of the organization’s meetings. If the people in that group motivate you to pursue success - join it. Otherwise, continue looking. Keep in mind that this will be a group of people with which you will be spending a lot of your own free time.

What are some common experiences achieved from participating in a Student Organizations?
Leadership, personal achievement, a defined skillset (if joining one centered around that), time management, team work, friendship, conflict management, problem solving, creative solutions, public speaking, marketing, event planning, social media integration, etc.

Pretty much, a student organization is your opportunity to exercise whatever you want to advance in your personal development. You might not have the same opportunity to in the classroom setting. One best pieces of advice - participate in something that is different than what you are studying. This gives you depth of experience. If you are studying Finance, seek to diversify. Join a group outside your comfort zone instead of becoming the VP of the Finance Management Association. This is your chance to add to your skill set; make yourself more marketable. Brand You!
Commonly people acquire effective leadership skills while participating in student organizations, which for your future business owners, is irreplaceable. Running a student organization is like running a business. You learn much the same skills required for entrepreneurship.
What did I learn from the Student Organization that I joined?
For me, it has always been important to be involved in the community, so I am part of several students groups—each for a different reason.

Delta Sigma Pi,
the Professional Business Fraternity, allowed me to connect with a lot of career driven individuals and build long lasting relationship with people who have since moved into the professional world.  This means that I have personal connections with people working in companies like Goldman Sachs, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Thornburg, and other great companies!

I joined Collegiate DECA to broaden my horizons and take a chance. I participated in a Business-to-Business marketing case study competition, had the opportunity to travel to Salt Lake City, compete with students around the world who were also interested in much the same fields that I am. From this experience, I built a network of motivated students from New Mexico as well as from across the country!

Finally, because I wanted to give back to New Mexico, I joined the UNM Student United Way. This organization has helped me realize that I cannot take for granted all that I’ve been given and it’s helped me to be mindful of others. I am now contentiously aware of my community and realize there is always a way to give back.

Sounds interesting. What should I do next?
Take a look at the list below and select some student organizations you feel would interest you. Also, check out the Student Activities Center website ( ) or Anderson’s Student Organization website ( ) to find their next meeting date or email the leader of the group to see about joining them at their next meeting! Don’t be shy.  Bring a pencil and notebook, take notes, and make some contacts!

Anderson Organizations:
  • Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity (Beta Tau Chapter)
  • American Indian Business Association (AIBA); Faculty Advisor: Jaye Francis (
  • DECA; Faculty Advisor: John Benavidez (
  • Association of Graduate Business Students (AGBS); Faculty Advisor: Nicole Capehart (
  • ALPFA; Faculty Advisor: Norm Colter (
  • Beta Alpha Psi Honors Fraternity for Financial Information Professionals
  • Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity (Gamma Iota Chapter); Faculty Advisor: Stacy Sacco (
  • Finance Management Association (FMA); Faculty Advisor: Emmanuel Morales-Camargo (
  • Graduate and Professional Association (GPSA)
  • Hispanic Business Student Association (HBSA); Faculty Advisor: Josh Saiz (
  • IBSG: International Business Students Global; Faculty Advisor: Manuel Montoya (
  • Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)
  • NSSP: National Securities Studies Program; Faculty Advisors: Candace Shirley ( and Matthew Baca (
  • Net Impact; Faculty Advisor: Shawn Berman (
  • Network Exploitation Security Team (NEST); Faculty Advisor: Alex Seazzu (
  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), UNM Student Chapter; Faculty Advisor: TBD
  • Student Contracts Management Association - UNM (SCMA-UNM); Faculty Advisor: Amie Nelson (

For UNM Student Organizations:  visit and go to Organization List 2013-2014.

My name is Tony Patton and I am a true native New Mexican, born and raised in Albuquerque - graduated from Rio Rancho HS. In spring 2014, I will have completed my BBA with concentrations in Finance and Entrepreneurship. I like to be as involved on campus as possible. I also enjoy our great state – go camping when I am able and I like to play guitar.

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