Thursday, September 19, 2013

Placing Your Name In a Hat

Have you ever heard someone say, they wish they had an opportunity that someone else just received? Are you a victim of saying this yourself? I know when I was younger I definitely said this a few times.

When I hear this phrase now or something of a similar nature I think back to a presentation given to me this previous summer during my internship with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The man giving the presentation was the Director of Education at the FDIC, and has had a very long and fulfilling career. The gentleman spoke about opportunities, and how there are several opportunities in the world, but people don’t take the chance to seize them. 

He than spoke about why he thought people didn’t take more chances when it came to possible opportunities. He asked the members in the audience to think about why people shy off from these opportunities. Many of the same examples came up: Why should I try? There are so many people I don’t have a chance, I’m not qualified for this, I don’t have time to be rejected, and several more. Every example had something in common. They all had something to do with not trying.

At this point our speaker asked us to think about this simple fact. It is never possible for your name to be chosen out of a hat if it is not there in the first place. With life there will come many opportunities; however, you will never have a chance to receive them unless you place your name in the hat. The more hats you place your name in, the better chance you have at being picked. Yes there is chance at not getting your name pulled. As a matter of fact, there will be several times that your name is not pulled. In the end you can say at least you tried, and you won’t have to go on with the thought of -- what if?  You must remember the worst thing you will ever hear is no.  When the time does come that your name is pulled, you will know it was all worth putting the effort.

This message really made a big impact on me as I thought back to the times that I did put my name in the hat. When I was freshman, I remember applying for over 30 different student positions at UNM. Now I know what you’re thinking, that is a lot of hats. You know what though; it ended up landing me a position with Residence Life and Student Housing where I ended up working in four different positions, over the last four years. When a friend called to ask if I wanted to run in an election for a student government position, I took the opportunity. Even though I lost the first go-around, I tried again and came back to win, and was able to serve the student body for a year. This past spring I went to every career fair, meet many employers, and applied for several internships. I eventually was offered an opportunity with the FDIC and now have a full time offer after I graduate. 

Understanding the importance of putting my name in a hat has definitely made an impact on my life and I recommend it to everyone.  The next time you find yourself asking why you don’t get opportunities, remind yourself to take a chance and place your name in the hat, because it could just be the time that it gets pulled.

Brandyn Jordan is in his 9th and final semester as an Anderson undergrad concentrating in Accounting and MIS. Brandyn is now currently working as the Project Assistant for Anderson Career Services. Brandyn plans to continue into Graduate school at UNM in the MACCT Information Assurance program.

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