Thursday, August 22, 2013

Job Seekers: The Opportunity is Yours

I hear a lot of negativity from people when it comes to searching for a job. People say things like,

“There are no jobs available.”

“People just aren’t hiring.”

“There are 100’s of applicants for one job posting so what chance do I have?”

“I can never talk to anyone about my resume because I have to submit everything online so how can I really differentiate myself?”

The truth is the world for most post-graduation job seekers is a fearful and increasingly difficult one to penetrate; but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are jobs available; people are hiring; you can differentiate yourself; and you can be the one out of a hundred that gets the job offer.

If you want to be more positive and confident about your ability to penetrate the job market and be that one out of a hundred that gets the job offer the first thing you have to do is get up and DO!
Whether you are a new graduate looking for a job or in-between jobs, don’t just sit around waiting for the phone to ring; go and do something.

For example, try volunteering with a non-profit organization. Not only will this give you the opportunity to network with individuals that you meet through the organization, but it will also allow you to include the experience on your resume. 

When my wife and I moved to Albuquerque, she was looking for a job. While she was searching, she started volunteering with a local organic farm. Her desire wasn’t to be a gardener as a career, she just really loves gardening and being outdoors. Through that experience she met someone who used to work at the organization she was trying to get a position with. By networking with that person she was able to get connected with the hiring manager for the department she wanted to work with which led her to getting interviewed and eventually landing the job.

Had my wife just sat on the couch waiting for someone to call her, she might never been given the opportunity to interview.

Another thing you can do is get a job to help increase your skill set for the type of job you are really looking for. For example, I hire marketing representatives to sell commercial insurance to business owners. Previous sales experience is valuable to have for this job. However, it doesn’t have to be sales experience with another insurance company. You could get a job selling cars, cell phones, advertising or really anything that would allow you to gain sales experience. It may not be your long-term career choice, but if it increases your skills and puts experience on your resume; why not??

I know you hear a lot of negative things about the job market but every day is an opportunity to build your resume. Don’t sit around and wait for the jobs to come to you; make history, build your portfolio, increase your skill set and get out and network. This way you can be the one chosen out of hundred and differentiate yourself from the rest of the ninety-nine. Good luck!

Patrick Munns is the New Mexico and West Texas District Marketing Manager for Federated Insurance. Patrick has been with Federated for seven years and has multiple top sales awards as both a sales representative and district manager.

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