Friday, July 19, 2013

Brand You Boot Camp

I don’t know about you but when I received my undergraduate diploma, it didn’t come alone. With it came two competing emotions – the much-deserved feeling of, “hey, I’ve got this,” and the other, more pestering feeling of, “… now what?”.

If you’re planning to attend Brand You Boot Camp, you’ve already begun to answer that question of “now what?”. You’ve been admitted to your MBA program, you’ve (hopefully) registered for classes and now you’re preparing for the next step – starting the path to a completed master’s degree.

Whether you’ve just finished your BBA or are working full-time while attending evening classes, another two years of education might seem like a long process with an end-goal – of moving up, of a new career, of a new direction – far away. But, those two years - full of course work, internships, student activities, and ultimately, the job search – are sure to pass by quicker than you would think.

As an undergraduate student, you had four years to figure things out. Perhaps you started with one major and changed to another. Maybe you hadn’t bothered to visit Career Services until you were a junior seeking out an internship. You had four years to decide your goals and your plan to reach them. Now, you have two.

The shortened timeline and advanced requirements of a master’s degree require forethought and preparation. And, luckily, despite any “I’ve got this” attitude you might have, the Anderson Career Services office has developed a degree entrance program to provide you with just that- Brand You Boot Camp.

As an overly-ambitious Type-A personality, I registered for the first session.

On Thursday night, I hurriedly printed the Brand You homework, only to realize that it required speaking to two other people! I turned to the only contact I had and worked on filling out the rest – I inventoried strengths and talents, made sure to register for Lobo Career Connection and made a mental note to grab Starbucks on my way to boot camp the next morning. (Spoiler alert: You won't need it, coffee was provided.)

As a lifestyle blogger and marketing student, I thought I understood the concept of personal branding well – and perhaps, I did – and yet, I was surprised by how much I took away from this three hour workshop.

Even with a solid resume and job search experience, there was much to learn - from creating your own 30-second commercial (the best answer to that ever present “tell me about yourself” interview question) to developing a professional Linked In profile. For students new to campus, the boot camp also provided an opportunity to meet campus faculty and a variety of Anderson staff – from both Career Services and Advisement. It was also a great opportunity to network with other incoming MBA and MACCT students in a small-group environment.

Starting your master’s degree with thought-out goals, a personal brand and a strategic plan for networking and job searching will help you set high standards for the experience. By attending this short and informative boot camp, you will be prepared for the variety of additional services and events offered by the Career Services Office throughout your two short years at Anderson.

Additional Brand You Boot Camp events are being held this afternoon and on July 19th, 26th and 30th. For more information, please contact Kate Williams at

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