Monday, April 1, 2013

Getting Involved

This is a very important topic, one every business student should read. Most students will go through college and get their degree, but only few students will be involved around campus. Without a doubt, it is these students who will succeed.

I have had experience as an undergrad and grad student at the Anderson School of Management. Right from the start coming into Anderson, I knew an internship or some sort of experience would be necessary to get a job in the future. Based on that understanding, I wanted to get involved with the Career Services Office’s workshops to ultimately help me gain experience. I attended an internship workshop on how to obtain internships and jobs which led me to find out about Lobo Career Connection. Here, I found my first internship which lasted 2 ½ years. Basically, if I was not involved by attending this workshop, I wouldn’t have gotten the internship.

Now some students may think that being involved in groups and clubs around campus will not benefit them, or maybe they’re too shy to be involved. I must say that joining groups and clubs has been one of the best experiences in my college education. Why? Because I have networked, gained relevant experience, met some great friends, and obtained an internship based on my involvement with these groups. After becoming secretary of HBSA, Vice President for ALPFA, Student Ambassador for Career Services, and a Graduate Assistant, I now can say I’ve gained the real world skills needed for success in my future career.

When I interviewed with General Mills, one of the top things they looked for was involvement in groups, clubs, activities, and events. All businesses want to see that you’re involved. When you are, it shows you care about a group or a club and want to be involved. By just going to school and education, you do not stand apart from the rest. Being involved will help you stand apart and ultimately get that job you want. I was chosen for the General Mills internship based on the internship I gained early in my education and for being a part of many organizations on campus. I wanted to be involved and they could see that too.

One of the best advices I can give to start being involved, is to tell yourself, “You know what; I’m going to give this a try.” Because once you do, you will enjoy it, and nothing but good things can come from it. If you want to be prepared in the future for that interview, job, or wherever you want to go, you should be involved. Other than education and work experience, being involved with groups, clubs, and events will make you the most prepared when you graduate. Basically, tackle those opportunities and attend networking events and free workshops on campus, because they will get you prepared! Joining a group, club, or going to events, will only make getting that job you desire, easier.

All this seems serious, but in reality, being involved is a ton of fun! You will never have the college experience again once you graduate, so make the most of it while you can!

Stacy Caldwell is an MBA student with a concentration in Marketing and Operations. If you have any questions about student involvement or Stacy's experience, feel free to reach out to her at

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